Bunker Builder and all that goes along

Basically, I would like to see each Bunker become its own Build-able place. The Current Storage box would be there and act as normal, But each Bunker would get its own separate storage that can only be accessed in that bunker. As for build-able items, you could make the crafting stations, add Storage rooms, maybe even trophy rooms (display parts of killed enemies) and Display Rooms (for weapons). The total amount of room available should be limited.

Now for the fun stuff. Schematics to build for your own robotic guard dogs and a workshop to build them (only in the larger areas of a bunker.) you could build any guard dog style (proto, finx, etc.) with any weapons. tho you will lose the weapon in creation. These dogs only guard the bunker they are in and never leave, so they cannot help with anything outside the bunker.

1.If they do add a true survival mode that had food and water rationing and maybe even weather that affects your health, then add build-able or usable kitchens for food crafting and closets to hold outfits.
2. If NPC’s are added then guard rooms, and sleeping quarters could be added. maybe even a trading post.

Any other thoughts to add?

My thoughts are that you are discussing 4 different ideas in single topic.

1. Base building: Plans for base building?
2. Machine companions: Machine Master (AKA Pet Master)
3. Survival: More complex survival
4. NPCs: NPC Evolution (Challenges, NPC Trust, New gameplay loop)

Due to that, your topic can’t be merged into neither of the four relevant topics.

Here, i suggest that you present your 4 ideas in appropriate topics (discussing guard dogs in Machine Master topic, discussing survival in Complex Survival topic etc.). Since if all that discussion would take place in here, it would be a mess, e.g few people talking survival, several talking base building etc. and it would be hard to make sense who is talking what. :thinking:

To avoid the following discussion mess, which takes place in all such several ideas topic, i’ll close the topic beforehand. :lock:

Btw, welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling_face: