More complex survival

I know for hunger and thirst there needs to be some inventory tweaks and add the items the game and that is hard enough alone but any good survival game I’ve ever played has hunger and thirst I love this game alone but if it had hunger and thirst I think I’d like it a lot better


I love that the game does not have hunger and thirst. For myself and a lot of other players it is a chore.
I think it would be nice to add it as a switchable feature/mode so everyone is happy.


plz no, the pack don’t have enough room for the survival kit and involving food and drink will make the material collecting more insufferable. (I have had enough of the current experience.

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As much as I would love to see the option added, doesn’t look like they have plans to. Already looked into how to request a refund. Somehow this game attracted a lot of casual gamers and it’s going hurt any future updates to keep this game alive. After the bug fixes, unless you’re are satisfied with maybe some simple crafting added, I would just move on.

Hi there. Nice game. Good combat, beautiful map and awesome music and sound. But I think survival aspect of the game could use more meat in the future. I think the game could benefit with hunger and thirst. Right now I barely loot houses cause if I’m good on ammo and medkits, stims etc then I don’t see the need. If the player had hunger and thirst then that would definitely change. Not only fear the robots, but your basic human needs also… You have a wonderful dynamic weather system. I think cold and wetness should have an impact. If it rains then perhaps you would need to find a barn, house or some kind of shelter to get dry. When snowing maybe you would get cold or something, clothes could help on that. The map is huge! So perhaps have some vehicles you could find. Maybe they need gas… Anyway this was a few ideas. I think you have a very solid foundation, but for a guy who have played MANY survival games, I was actually a bit disappointed to see basics like hunger and thirst wasn’t in the game. People in the 80’s still had to eat, right :wink: But yeah hope you will consider this feedback in the future maybe. I am aware some would probably not want this but then maybe there could be different game modes. Classic mode like what we got now. And realism mode with added survival elements like hunger and thirst, etc etc. thank you


Eat. Drink. Sleep. Kill. Discover.

These are things for Hardcore mode. Better loot rewards for survival, OR like fallout, more skint.
You decide, but adding survival elements to this would be fun. But please, no drinking and eating every 5 minutes. Make it something that you do a bit naturally throughout gameplay. For example food could heal like healing packs, so could water.

– Lana


I would like to have this option also. Perks/skillpoint could minimize the need for food/water

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Plus 1 !!!

Yep would love to have a mode like this as well!

Cmon Avalanche! That would be awesome!

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I think not eating could affect stamina. And if going longer than 2 days your health would start to deteriorate slowly.

Then dehydration could effect gun sway, and give you blurred vision. Etc…

Something like that.

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Hey Lana thanks for the awesome feedback and enthusiasm around the game. However I’ve moved your topic to the correct section so that it can be viewed more easily and by the correct personnel at Avalanche studios.

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So, you want a feature in this game, just so you can get a skill point to make the feature less frequent? whats the point of adding food/thirst if you gain a skill to make it irrelevant. I think people asking for survival mode should wait until they’ve played more of this game because these idea’s are shallow and don’t relate to the core of the game play loop itself.

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Hey thanks. I asked someone on discord to take care of it, if you’re them, then thanks. :smiley: If not, then the situation remedied itself.

I made this topic before the subforum was made.

– Lana

It could be added as a choice, stay out longer to loot/shoot if you spend points. Look at Fallout Survival perk system. Not needed but put you in a spot where you need to choose between Survival or utility/combat.

This game should stay miles away from whatever Bethesda is doing with their games, if you want that feature go play fallout.

Hunger, thirst and tiredness for the game … we urgently need to survive the game !!!

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This has been a popular request since launch. An optional survival mode would be cool to see, unsure when it could be implemented though :thinking:

Eating and drinking to regain a bit of health would be okay, but please don’t make it a drink-or-die game IMHO.


Make it optional in that case, because it would take away the feel of the game to me. I play it to experience the atmosphere of the 80’s in my native Sweden (with the addition of murderous machines) and in it battle and outsmart the invaders. Missions and quests are my fuel, and to have to scavenge for food and water would only take away the fun and only lead to more mouse-klicking. That is my humble opinion and i hope others agree with me.


I would have thought that while you are doing missions and quests you are also collecting ammo and medkits etc, so food and drink could just be picked up as part of that game-within-a-game. I don’t see the devs making this a hardcore survival game but having to eat& drink say 2x times every 24h would be easy to add into the game without breaking anything players are not already doing.

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Then what’s the point of it all? Make it an optional game mode and everyone is happy. (And i won’t have to search for meatballs or blodpudding.)