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Hello all,

A relatively new player to the game here! So far, I’m absolutely loving the game. I purchased it with my partner to have a chill game to play after work, and it’s truly a great game which has a lot of potential to become one of the best.

I’d like to take the time to make a few suggestions as a fresh, new player which hopefully the developers would review and consider implementing into the game or at least add their own twist to them. I’d also appreciate some community feedback to see if people agree with these ideas, and even add their own!

Firstly, I’d like to clarify that I don’t want the overall game to change. I think the concept, and the way it depicts the era it’s set in is perfect. My suggestions are purely gameplay elements to make it more immersive, and also gets the game away from its title of “30 minutes of content stretched into a 30-40 hour game”. Here we go!

  1. Hardcore mode
    The game has the perfect post-apocalyptic feel. Why should it be anything other than a hardcore survival? Or at least have an option to make it more so. Thirst, hunger, body temperature based on weather conditions and clothing, injures that effect the way the character moves and reacts, are all things I feel would really suit the overall feel of this game. There are so many houses, towns, cars, and places to find supplies to really survive, not just play. Canned food in backpacks left in cars, cupboards in kitchens, supermarkets and shops. Water bottles/ cans of juice, canteens that could be filled in rivers and streams, utilise the crafting system to boil water to purify it making it safe to drink. This could be elaborated beyond belief! This game screams open world survival, so why not make it a true survival where your only threat isn’t just the machines.

  2. Advanced weapon customisation
    The devs nailed the sounds and animations of weapons. Why not take it a step further? If anyone has ever played Tarkov, the weapon customisation in that is to die for. So much choice and ways to make those hard earned items truly unique. I’m not talking slapping on a sight and a foregrip and off you go… I’m thinking a wide variety of things like different stocks, muzzle attachments, hand guards, optics, rails, magazines, gun wraps and skins that aren’t ridiculous like COD, but realistic and what an actual apocalyptic surviver would utilise around them. Let no two of the same weapon be the same. Players have endless choices of customising things, grinding the game for hard to find/ loot high tech items or rare attachments/ skins.

  3. Character customisation
    Much like the above part about weapon customisation, customising your character should be more than just throwing on a new pair of jeans and you’re fit to go. The game has an amazing dynamic weather and day/ night system, utilise these fantastic features! Nights are cold, rain makes you wet, no brainers right? Clothing effects your characters temperatures, water proof clothing protects your character and gear from getting soaked. In a warmer area? Too much cold weather clothing could cause you to overheat and tire you out, slowing you down. In a cold area, wading through a metre of snow? Skipping around in shorts and a tank top would cause you to get severely cold, shiver throwing your aim off, hypothermia etc etc etc…

  4. Fatigue and the need to sleep
    With an active day/ night cycle, it makes sense to utilise this to again make the game more immersive and realistic. Making players truly believe they’re in 1980’s Sweden surviving the apocalypse. Run about for 30 in game hours straight with three weapons and a tonne of gear? Your character is f**ked, eyes barely open, concentration in la-la-land, you need to sleep. Plenty of abandoned houses to take shelter in, or make a makeshift camp using the environment or maybe finding a tent? Make fireplaces to cook food and warm up (again going back to the hot/ cold body temperature suggestion).

I could keep going but I’ll leave it there incase most of you are like “shut this guy up already!”. These are just my thoughts and ideas to implement into the game to make it more enjoyable and challenging for new/ experienced players. I’d love for the devs to at least read this, and if there’s any feedback the devs/ community would like to give based on these ideas, fire away!

Happy hunting!


Here’s one: Before you make a new topic, do Search the Forums since chances are good that someone else has already posted the idea you have. E.g like so:

  1. Give us hardcore mode - permadeath
    or Xezr's Hardcore Mode [Updated]
  2. Customization of weapons
  3. Apparel with bonus audio/visual effects
  4. More complex survival

If you do not find your idea in the forums, make a topic with one idea per topic. Making collective topic, like you’ve done right now, will mix up any following discussion in it and it will be hard to make sense who is talking about what.

That being said, topic closed.
Feel free to discuss your ideas in already existing topics.

Btw, welcome to the forums.


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