Give us hardcore mode - permadeath


This game has a GREAT opportunity for a hardcore mode to be unlocked after progressing far enough in the base campaign.

I’m imagining a permadeath gamemode where the player gets randomly spawned into one of the bunkers throughout the map, pre-cleared and making that the starting point for the players journey. The players would loot the entire bunker before venturing out. Adrenaline shots still work as is but death without adrenaline starts you over.

Hardcore mode also doesnt have a GPS map in the menu. Hardcore mode doesnt change the damage distribution or anything like that, it’s just how you start and end that changes. All the missions could remain as is. If anything, boost the xp gains in hardcore mode.



Of the above, only “start me off in an empty bunker” seems to require actual code; “I don’t like the map” already has a solution of “well, then don’t open the map”, as does permadeath, in “You died? Quit to menu, delete character”.


The whole point would be to build a leaderboard of who can make it the furthest without dying, so the quit to menu and delete doesn’t really get the idea anywhere. The maps GPS being disabled is another feature that would be good to have in a leaderboard mode.


Aaaaah, a system for guys to compare the size of their … antlers? Maybe you should have led with that? :smile:


Yeah true, should have led with the leaderboard.