Xezr's Hardcore Mode


So basically, I’ve discovered pretty much everything there is to find and do on the game map, so I decided to give a new spin on rolling a new character. These are the rules I play by, that anyone who’s at the endgame can try out if they want.


  1. Inventory is restricted to 9 slots (3 in a row). Additional skill tree unlocks three additional slots at a time, up to a maximum of 15. You are allowed to use the remaining inventory space to sort items and move them to quickbar slots but in the end you must stick to the allowed limits.

  2. You’re allowed to equip two weapons. Either two primary weapons, or one primary and one secondary.

  3. Fast travel is not allowed.

3,5. Field Radio’s are not allowed.

  1. Perma-death. You have one life, that’s it. If you are defeated and/or downed, it’s game over. You must delete the character and start again. The skill unlock that grants you a free revive is still valid, though.

4,5. Adrenaline Shots are not allowed.

  1. Hardcore characters cannot recieve items from other alts, or be used in multiplayer.

  2. Using items from the Plundra is not allowed.

Inventory should look like this:

How do I get going?

Create a new character, enter the game. Close your eyes and point at the map to randomly select the nearest safehouse to spawn at. This will require you to have unlocked safehouses all over the map.

Start surviving.

A question, if I may

Well, that sounds very … oops, I’m dead already :flushed: But I have a few guys in mind, that would probably take you up on that challenge :wink:


Downloading, going ingame.
Can’t wait to see how this will go.

One issue, I’ve always used AR4/Sniper Rifle and for bunker Pistol.
One weapon less will be problematic for me, being autistic…
But, we’ll see how I’ll fare. :slight_smile:
thank you!


My record for dying quickest is two minutes. I spawned into a Hunter group.