Realism upgrade ideas

Your character has a tiredness bar that goes down by 1% every 20 real life seconds.
At 50%, Your walkspeed is decreased by 5%
At 25%, your screen begins to blur.
At 0%, your walkspeed is decreased by 15% and you take 5% more damage
at -25%, you fall asleep wherever you are standing.
Your screen will fade to black when sleeping. You will wake up after 5 seconds with a full Tiredness Bar.

Getting shot affects your character in various ways depending on where you are hit.

  • A shot to the arm will restrict you to pistols only
  • A shot to the leg will reduce your walkspeed
  • A shot to the upper torso will deal 25% more damage and drain stamina 15% faster
  • A shot to the lower torso will drain reduce walkspeed slightly
  • A shot to the head will deal 100% more damage

Body Strength
You can enhance your body to better survive in the world. Uses a level system
Level 0: Base stamina
Level 1: +15%
Level 2: +25%
Level 3: +45%
Level 4: +60%
Level 5: +100%
Level 0: Base Recoil Effect
Level 1: -5%
Level 2: -10%
Level 3: -15%
Level 4: -20%
Level 5: -30%

Weapon Familiarity
Uses levels. The more you use a weapon, the easier it becomes to use in any situation.

Level advantages:

  1. No new effects
  2. -15% recoil
  3. +50% draw speed
  4. +50% ADS speed
  5. -30% Hip-Fire Spread
  6. Weapon Mastery (-25% recoil, +75% draw speed, +75% ADS speed, -45% Hip-Fire Spread)

Jamming Guns
Weapons have a 0.5% chance of jamming. This increases by 0.02% per shot for a cap of 5% (225 bullets)
It takes a player 10 seconds to unjam their weapon.

Players can use their foot to bash close enemies if they are too close. Can only break already weakened modules.
Yes you could try kicking a tank to death.

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Sounds like some nice suggestions for survival mode (which has been discussed for as long as the game has been out).