Feature request - breakable weapons

There are so many weapons in so many qualities, but of course you just use the best you got… and that can happen very early.

I just thought how to give all the other weapons more use in lategame and got the idea, that weapons could have a qualitybound chance to break (just the weapon, not the attachments).

For example an AG4 could break after

  • 1c: 4.000 to 6.000 shots fired
  • 2c: 5.000 to 7.000 shots fired
  • 3c: 7.000 to 10.000 shots fired
  • 4c: 12.000 to 15.000 shots fired
  • 5c: 18.000 to 23.000 shots fired
  • 6c: 30.000 to 40.000 shots fired

If it’s broken, you just can recycle or drop it.
You could see its status by a live bar for each weapon in inventory, where the last percentages (chance to break) could turn red if reached.

As long as the weapon is just damaged, but not yet broken, you could be able to repair it, which resets the counter.

There would have to be new unique materials:
Weapon spareparts

If you recycle a gun, and just then, you get as additional resource some spareparts.

For example for recycling an AG4 you could get:

  • 1c: 1 sparepart (AR)
  • 2c: 2 spareparts (AR)
  • 3c: 3 spareparts (AR)
  • 4c: 4 spareparts (AR)
  • 5c: 5 spareparts (AR)
  • 6c: 6 spareparts (AR)

For repairing an AG4 you would need:

  • 1c: 3 spareparts (AR)
  • 2c: 4 spareparts (AR)
  • 3c: 5 spareparts (AR)
  • 4c: 6 spareparts (AR)
  • 5c: 8 spareparts (AR)
  • 6c: 10 spareparts (AR)

Spareparts of other classes of guns don’t fit, so recycling all your Möller PP wouldn’t help to repair your AG4. But you could recycle your AG5, AT-WAD, N16 or AI-76 for example.

Classes are
  • Melee (Bat, Sledgehammer, Pitchfork)
  • Handgun (MöllerPP, Klauke, Magnus, N9)
  • SMG (Kpist, HP5, COM10)
  • AR (AG4, AG5, AI76, AT-WAD N16)
  • Rifle (Meusser, Älgstudsare, Kotenok, S21, PVG)
  • Shotgun (12G, Sjöqvist)
  • LMG (KVM59, KVM89, N60)
  • RR (Granatgevär, RLG7, G79)
  • Special (Bow, Flamethrower)

I hope I didn’t forget one…

What do you think?
Keep in mind, the values are just for example and are a matter of balancing.


This would be a nice feature in survival mode, which has been discussed many times. :sunglasses:

For even more realistic survival (ala the Stalker games), weapons could also:

  • Downgrade themselves in quality after XXXX shots fired.
  • Have a chance of malfunctioning, depending on quality rating.

All this would add immersion and survival.

I think it would be super cool, if the experimental part of 6-star weapons, suddenly stopped working, and the weapon was “downgraded” to a 5-star (but retaining cosmetics) during a big fight.

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Even though i truly hate weapons weakening and breaking in videogames…EXAMPLE Legend of zelda breath of the wild, great game though, but i think it would be acceptable in the hardest mode! I still hate it, but i understand! :sunglasses:

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Second that!

But like you and @ameinild say, it would be OK if it was something you could opt out of like only having in it on a special difficulty setting.

BOTW breaking weapons was driving me crazy when playing the game, dont get me wrong I loved the game but this mechanic is annoying.

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