I think the game is good but it lacks many important things

I think the survival element that would fit so well in this game is missing, it would improve a lot simply adding different status effects, hunger and thirst, bleeding, different clothes to face the weather, cold from the rain and at night. Being able to carry a tent and create a small campfire to spend the nights. Weather events that affect the player and robots, for example night can make them more blind and rain could make them more weak, and cold and wind could affect your aim and stability, even your lack of food could also affect your stamina so you need eat an energy bar, etc. something simple, it doesn’t need to be anything complicated, but add something else to the walking simulator.

The combat is satisfactory, but your life bar is simple and you don’t have negative or positive status effects. You could add at least a bulletproof vest from the 80s or some handmade armor that is reflected in the life bar and not just canvas shoes that give some more points of defense. Robots are the only danger and it becomes boring because they become in a target that is only to level up you character to then kill more robots more faster. The problem is that there is nothing else to worry about, the robots are your only threat and the only element and objective with which you interact directly in the whole game but you feel that they don’t worth it anymore because you don’t need kill them to go somewhere to grab food to avoid die, you can just skip them and ignore them and finish some missions with out die.

Would be great if be possible to add more interaction with the environment not just something visual, nowadays games have a lot of graphic quality and beautiful landscapes but interactions with the environment are and always were more important. Some simple survival elements like 2 o 3 energy bars and bottles of water per day would be great too, even you can add some npc so that it is not just a game of walking through a beautiful map only full of robots. The game has very nice graphics, the sound effects are fantastic and the landscape is beautiful, but having to walk a lot to explore and only have to worry about some robots and only find more map decoration without being able to interact isn’t especially fun for me. I think the game is fantastic but it is not taking advantage of 100%, it is a beautiful diamond that still has no shape and no character and it lacks many important things. Would be great to make this game a little less sandbox walking simulator and give it some personality so that everyone wants to play it and not just a limited audience as currently.

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So, you ended up buying the game. Was it the Pufty’s review that helped to make the decision? :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, i don’t agree with you on this. Not every open world game has to have more complex survival mechanics in it other than the HP and stamina.
In another topic, you said that GTA V and Borderlands 3 are to your likening. Though, neither of these two games have more complex survival element in them than what’s present in GZ.

Speaking of it, here’s a whole topic about more complex survival (it’s a good read): More complex survival.
Also, 60th reply in there (my post), contains link to the devs response about more complex survival.

Well, you do have positive status effects. Both from the skills and clothing resistance bonus (which you can craft as well).

For example: my 3rd char has Vanguard specialization with 25% reduced damage across the board. I tested out clothing resistance bonuses by crafting 2% explosion resistance for jacket, shirt, pants and shoes.
Without equipping any of the explosion resistance clothing, and while blowing up the car with melee weapon, my HP was reduced from 100 to 35. For another try, i equipped all four clothing pieces with explosion resistance. This time, when i blew up the car, my HP was reduced from 100 to 45. That’s 10 HP difference, despite having only 2% explosion resistance per one clothing item.

This was asked in one of the dev streams and devs answer to that is at 00:14:30,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/554470149?filter=archives&sort=time


I bought the game to test it knowing that I had 2 hours to return it and when I realized it… 4 hours had passed. :rofl:

I understand your point but even in GTA you have the option to eat, we also talk about games with a lot of content that do not need the addition of survival at all. I can’t imagine the need to eat Borderlands. In GZ I think it is a good complement and it would look very good, even other sandbox games like Astroneer need oxygen to avoid dying. I think that GZ only has robots as an enemy and it gets boring, they could take advantage of their DayZ style map by adding more options so that it is not such a simple game. It would also be optional, as a different difficulty mode, it is not necessary to erase what already exists, survival mode can be added as a difficulty for those who want something more than just walking and shooting robots.

BTW: Can you tell me how can I do to change my inventory style to the onther so I see in the videos? I have a different inventory that is really very uncomfortable, also I can’t use things directly from the inventory, I would like to see the original inventory, but I don’t know how to change it, sorry for the question :flushed:

The grid style inventory system was the original version. This was replaced with the current one early this year. Each version had its strengths and weaknesses, with some users preferring the old implementation.

There’s no way to switch I’m afraid.

When people come on a Fan forum, saying they just bought this game, but 2 days before they posted an in depth opinion on what is wrong with it, and then now pretending not to know about the change of inventory (which is better than the old one in my opinion), I get suspicious. It feels to me that your posts are all showcases of what you think that is wrong with the game. Saying the game is good, but then immediately adding that it gets boring and need change. The essence of the game does not need to change at all. It would be boring to make all games the same.


I did not understand anything you said, but I think the essence of the game is perfect, it is everything else that fails, it has a perfect base to make a great game, but it is only a beta of what could really come in a very good game, that is why the majority vote it mixted and it barely reaches 300 people playing when the game is on sale

Another bad review, that’s all you want to put here. You don’t fool me.

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The game is missing many things and it seems that the devs created this game just to test their graphics engine and not to make a game that most people want to play, I don’t understand why they don’t want to create a game for that more people want to play and enjoy it

GZ isn’t AAA game with loads of content, big budget and huge dev team to make the game appealing to as many people as possible. GZ is more of a “pet project” for the devs, who grew up in the 80’s Sweden and the fight against clunky machines is an interesting concept.

Due to that, GZ only appeals to fraction of the world’s population. Mainly for people from the Nordic countries who like the 80’s time period. Machine concept also gives alternative reality of what could’ve happened if things would’ve gone differently. (At this point, i’m happy that devs went with machines, rather than zombies.)

Another similar game to GZ is DayZ. Since DayZ takes place in the fictional post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, the game is made to appeal more to the people from the Slavic countries and who also like the zombie concept.

If GZ would take place on another planet(s) like Astroneer does, with unbreathable atmosphere (just like in Astroneer) then you’d have oxygen in GZ as well. Same is with Subnautica, which takes place mainly under water and in there, you’ll also need oxygen to survive.

Since GZ doesn’t take place on alien planet or under water, what you have, is a moot point.

Btw, GZ isn’t a sandbox game and neither is Astroneer. What is a sandbox game, is Borderlands 3.

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System Era says his game is a sandbox with one end goal. GZ is more like a wakling simulator, is a game made to appreciate the scenery in between looting and fighting and all you can find in the game is map decoration, even it seems more like a test game. :pensive:

Without a doubt the fault is mine, I had the option to get the full game with all its dlcs for free but I still decided to pay for the base game without taking into account the reviews of others so now I will have to pay for my decision. I’ll be back in a few months to see if there is any improvement in the game :wave: