Build own Base and additions

I don’t know if it’s mentioned before. I don’t know how survival like this game will get. So here’s my idea.

Imaging night time or a random time that the game gets harder. There comes this pop-up ‘Warning a horde has been send to you’ but where do you go? Inside a random building and try to kill them via doors and windows?

Well on the map there are different spots where you can make your own base. loot wood/metal to build structures, barriers, walls etc. But a great addition IF building even comes in GZ is making defenses for your base. Like kill the robots for turret parts, and a rare drop that they drop their turret. Or parts for traps. And ofcourse adding decorations and storage chests/closest will be great for your base and unneeded items in inventory

There’s alot of stuff i can think of for this game but it’s too much writing and has surely been mentioned before, this is just an random idea i got and idk how it’ll been taken lol.


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