Base Building Idea

To build this base you need the Base Support Pack.
I think it’s perfect for the Base Defense missions.

Nice idea.
Could you add a drawing about how you built it? How many walls, spaces,…
And a list of used items?

Did you test this base against the different difficulties?
For me there are missing some rocket launchers.
What about a plundra, recycling station,…?

And could you please add the name of the control point to the topics title?

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I didn’t tried it on any difficulty mode, but I think this Base will protect the Command Center against the machines on Hard Mode, and also I build it at Runby Park Control Point in the South Coast Region.
To build it, I used 4 Resistance Sniper Tower(Base Support Pack), 2 Portable Spotlights(Base Support Pack), many Security Fences(Base Support Pack) and Security Fence Pylons(Base Support Pack), 1 Medical Trailer(Base Support Pack), many Resistance Low Wood Walls and Resistance Low Pylons, many Resistance Scaffolding Platforms and Resistance Scaffolding Ramps. You can also customize with many decorations.
It’s easy to build if you have resources like Steel, Wood, Textile, Aluminium, Electrolyte and more.
Here is a basic sketch. I don’t know if this sketch will help you. It’s just the basic plan.
It’s not the perfect sketch, but if you want to learn how to build this, you can join my game on PlayStation between 7:00-8:00 pm CEST. I will show you step by step.

Please change the topic, add the control points name there, so maybe others could post their bases with photos and a sketch, too.

It all depends on how good the player(s) are.
Just from the sketch I don’t think so, because there are many tanks, even in easy mode, that can easily crush the defence and don’t take much damage by the towers. That’s why I’m missing missile turrets, at least.

But it’s a lovely cute base I would build just as an outpost for fast travel, which is secured against roaming hunters and runners. :+1:

Ok. I will make a new special topic where players can share their bases.

Also, thank you for appreciate my base!