Base-Building & Mission Bug

Base Building & Mission Bug XBOX ONE

PLEASE HELP. I was already base building when the latest update came through. But what is happened is that what I had built, which was a hybrid between the enemy structure and my own, has disappeared, It’s totally the enemies structure, “good news” mission is showing as completed, and there’s no way for me to destroy the center radar tower and destroy the old structure.

I’ve posted this like three times. I can’t see anybody else who’s having this problem, but it’s not only happened with one profile, it’s carried over to my other profiles on the same consul. None of us can base build. None of us can start the mission because it’s showing as completed already according to the log.

We are dead in the water. Please, please, please can somebody get this to the developers or do whatever it is you do to have something seen.? I love this freaking game. So, this bites.