Base Camp & Resources GONE after update

I am an Xbox X1 user. I have three separate family profiles in Generation Zero. StormX1 (Primary), StormDog#7706 and StormDoggz.

I purchased the game a couple of years ago now. Have every DLC. I did not discover it and play it only on GAME PASS. Love the game - HATE having to write AGAIN about THIS!

This is the SECOND TIME where I have signed in to discover that my Base Camp had either returned to a much earlier version or disappeared completely giving me only the opportunity to “claim” it. Months and months of building, farming, battling - in order to create almost total concrete wall reinforcements, only to find ALL OF OF THAT TIME AND WORK IS GONE - INCLUDING THE RESOURCES, FOLLOWING AND UPDATE.

I’m seriously questioning if I should once again go on a fools errand to try and create something that’s only going to disappear yet again the next time someone on the development team decides to add or shift something. I am very near quitting or recommending the game to anyone.

Can you just stop f’ing with my progress!?! Find a way to do updates without all this frustration?