Base Defence mission subtracts region score?

Hi, I’ll get straight to the point, I’m a filthy solo player that’s never touched multiplayer (because you know, no frens and all that) and so to farm the experimental weapons I thought the Our New Home - Base Defence mission was going to be perfect to level up the Forest region.

BUT - I think whenever you complete the mission it subtracts several hundred off your region score.

I tracked the region score carefully throughout the mission twice (on Hard mode) and here’s what I saw:
Before: 10250 / 12581
After 1st wave: 10466 / 12396 (??)
After 2nd wave: 10924 / 12852
After 3rd wave: 11518 / 13446
After 4th wave (after mission): 10946 (!!) / 12880 (!!)

So as far as I can tell the mission takes off ~500 points every time, but obviously there’s a small net gain as you destroy so many machines. I haven’t tracked this for Easy or Medium mode, maybe the drop will be smaller?

I would love to know if anyone else has spotted this too as I cannot find anything online about this (and I have looked, believe me!)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS - Absolutely love the game, it’s been one of my all time favourites and I think the experimental ammo is just the icing on the top of the experimental weapons, great addition to add flavour to the weapons. So now you can mix and match weapons and ammo. PPS the 7.62 shock ammo is just insane, a few bullets and you can take down any tank.

PPS - I know that the score is being tracked in other ways because several times before the base defence mission I’ll have a brand new rival at level 1 and then immediately start the mission, and before I’m done it will be at least level 3. That’s 2000 points I believe to achieve level 3, so how come it doesn’t show in my region score?

I’m gonna take a punt and say machines from wave defence do not add to the region score.

Appreciate if anyone in the know could confirm this as well prior to XBOX release.

I would say they subtract from the region score, that’s why you need to up it again.

Machines from the wave defence indeed do add to the region score, i believe the wave defence as Tribune said is the one that removes the score from the region.

I would say this is how the devs intended on how the base defence works, machines add score then some is removed after completion of the defence.

Also for the 7.62 shock ammo, ive heard all shock ammo is OP so i think a nerf may happen to it as Pontus also stated it himself when he used the EXP AG4 with the shock ammo.

I can not say for sure the base defense drops the score any but the forest region is only second to farmland region on getting the region score back up quickly. Very easy to find tanks and harvesters with hunters and runners all in the same areas over and over.

When I was trying to get all the schematics for the exp ammo and first aid it took only a few days to get them all due to just fast traveling to the same places to “hunt” machines.

Which, only reason to continue to do base defense after all the schematics are gained is for the resources to craft the exp ammo. ( only ammo that you have to craft to have) So making the exp ammo useless would not make sense, but nerfing all the machines to be just walking targets didn’t make sense either.

Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate the replies!

I tend to agree with Gysbert and Indominus, it makes sense that the mission would have to be balanced slightly as the sheer amount of machines you can destroy (esp Hard mode and Adventure difficulty) would otherwise raise the region score dramatically.

The other side of me says, well why not, I killed them, why not give me the points for it? There’s already the hour limit on missions. I’m sure I can get just as many kills by jumping around the region as Snipergirl mentions than waiting for the mission to restart.

PS pity to hear about the shock ammo nerf, I’ve been using the Exp KVM59 which is an absolute beast, honestly can’t use anything else for Apoc machines. Don’t know if that classes as shock ammo though?

As far as im aware, EXP KVM doesnt exactly count as shock ammo since thats its ability rather than from EXP ammo so i doubt any nerf will come for that.