Base defences are just bad

Playing on Xbox so not sure if its different for PC/PlayStation users.

Is it just me or are the base defences absolute garbage?

I’ve done 3 defences so far and this is what I think about the defences.

The grenade launcher turret is worthless I placed 3 of them around my base and in all 3 defences the grenade launcher turret missed every single shot, not only did they miss every shot but the grenade travels so fast in a straight line every single shot went straight past the enemy and missed by miles.

The wall spike trap is junk, in all 3 defences only a single enemy actually came close to my walls and the damage it did was almost nothing.

The defences have way too low HP.

The walls wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for the tires on top of the wall that block my view.

The machine gun turret lasted longer and actually hit the targets, granted the damage was next to nothing and so none of the machine gun turrets actually managed to destroy any robots.

The only way I passed all 3 defences was for me to go outside the wall with a rocket launcher and actually blow the enemies up myself, the defences just are not worth the resources to build them.