Base Defense Challenge and FTMEL Daily (not tracking)

Seems even after the most recent hotfix (thanks for fixing bullet casings destroying bases btw) the Base defense Challenge and associated FTMEL Daily don’t track on (PC Steam) but I’m it’s been posted about already if not now you know.

Edit: Forgot to mention sometimes fast traveling to your home base for some reason it doesn’t render.


Yeah, I completed a base defence yesterday (PC Steam as well), and the FTMEL Daily challenge for this didn’t complete for me either.

For me, too.
Completed one easy and one medium mission, but no reward from fmtel for the challenge.

Ok we got the challenges back and that’s great but just did a base defense and got credit for killing runners but not for the base defense.
What’s up with this ? Is there a lag?

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It might mean you have to do all three, but I don’t know.

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Can confirm. I did it 2 times just now on 2 different difficulties and nothing.


Can’t get credit for completing base defense either… but interesting how they expanded the assignments!

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Same, I did two and nada. I did a dance and got that! And the runners

Just did 1 base defense, and got nothing too.
The other asignments work.
It is indeed still bugged.

@Zesiir or @CaptRon I believe this should be on a feedback support section, and not on a “Null” one.
I suggest we move everything to here Base Defense Challenge and FTMEL Daily

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Also I did one in coop as client - same result.

Moved to support thread.


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Base Defense Assignment is not working for me I did a base Defense


FMTEL assignment to kill five runners with a hunting rifle did not give results. At the same time I was to destroy 10 cars and that one registered correctly.

I also have had the home base assignments not work successfully. I don’t think I’m going to bother with the FMTEL assignments anymore.

Confirmed un PC Steam. I had reset my save because of missing Relays before the update and not completed the base defense challenges yet. The mission to blow up the FNIX base and unlock basebuilding end the associated first tier of the challenge unlocked without problems.
But the actual base defense is buged.
The mission to defend the base can be started normally at the radio by the truck, but only becomes “trackable” in the log under side missions AFTER starting it at the radio.
The new map marker showing the base defense mission is available does show up.
Successfully defending the base at any difficulty does not unlock the second tier of the challenge, or register for the FMTEL assignment which i had active a few days ago. I tried at all 3 difficulties, with the game difficulty at Adventure. Neither the challenge nor the assignment where marked as completed, even after multiple successful base defense missions.

Please fix this.