Base Game Suggetions

Hey guys,

after more then 300 of hours ingame, i have some ideas and requests about Generation Zero so far. :slight_smile:

-please add free weapon skins for the paid dlc weapons
-rebalance all dlc weapons (and the design of the N16-Rifle)
-add more/better sights and scopes for each weapon
-add driveable vehicles for 2,3 and/or 4 persons like tanks, cars or so on into the game
-please open the full map (not only the islands where we are playing on :stuck_out_tongue: )
-add artillery or airstrike-support
-more enemy types would be cool
-more companion types and a easier management would be very cool too

-please fix the DLC Mortar (its too good guys)
-delete the dmg info on the weapon info screen and change it to the weapon range
(makes more sense btw)
–in addition to a better info about the ammo-types
-rebuild the base building system and change the limitations
(i dont understand why we can place 5 turrets while the base has 4 edges)
-rebuild the augmentation system for cloths
-rebuild the inventory generally (a better overhaul for cloths, weapons and items would be cool)
-change the item/weapon quality-system significant
(rarer droprate for 3,4,5 stars and experimental weapons)
–larger differents between a 2 and 4 star item would be cool
-make the grenades, c4, explosivs and rocketlauncher ammo hardly stronger but give them a higher cost too

for the collectibles, sometimes you´re running trough the locations for the place who they have to be but find nothing please make it a bit easier to find the collectibles…make them shiny a bit or so.

please delete the informations about, how many weapons could be found on a location (it makes not rly sense over time, because you are searching weapons for your own, this are not collectibles at all)