Base glitched out

So i started a base defense and my game crashed right as it started and then when i came back it said the base was broken but yet it had been replaced with a fenix base but where the fenix center computer is it prompts me to abandon or recclaim it but does nothing and the shields wont go down even after taken out the generators. Does anyone know how to fix this?

What ever was done in this patch exasperated this bug. I’m seeing bases fail to destroy in every session that attempted them, still showing neutral bases without fast travel to all but the host. Also not getting ANY rewards from base attacks or defense if you’re not the host. Kinda defeats the purpose of multiplayer if you give me incentive to play alone.


My favorite base is swapped with an enemy base and i cant reclaim or abandon is there anyway way to fix it or is there anyword and a hotfix for base issues.