Base mission handguns

In the Complete a Base Assault mission by using only handguns, does this exclude using power cells, gas cans, flares normal or sticky, and medi packs.
Just that only handguns to me mean no other guns, but does not include the above.
Because just handguns I get killed with in minutes and it takes a lot of bullets to destroy a Hunter or the century guns, and overrun with machines straight away.

Im pretty sure you cannot use anything but pistols to damage anything. So medkits and the such should be fine whilst explosive gas tanks are not. A little trick to make it much easier for you, shoot with a RLG or Grg from a distance, where you dont trigger the mission, then go in and clear the gens and the command centre with the Pistol.


As soon as the mission starts, only handguns - not anything else. As Indominus-J says, you can pick out turrets, spawners and other structures from a distance when the mission is not triggered.

But also, take this as an opportunity to practice. On a Tier 1 base (where it’s only prototype machines), it only takes a few bullets to shoot off the hunter’s gun. So it’s really not that difficult when you know how to do it. :sunglasses:

When doing the special assault assignments, I always do them on Tier 1 and Tier 2 FNIX bases. A Tier 3 FNIX base could be quite a mouthful with only melee weapons or handguns.


I even cleared one base without a single shot.

  1. Go in with ticks and open the walls to the generators and the center.
  2. Use the jammer to open the generators.
  3. Destroy the generators and the command center with ticks.
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It’s the same if you clear a FNIX base with only grenades - also a fun challenge. 40-60 grenades is usually enough for Tier 1 and 2 bases - didn’t try Tier 3 yet.

I do that but it alerts loads of machines but end up getting surround end up getting killed before I get any further, does work if there no assignment, but with one get coved in machines.

thank you will try it

doesn’t even need the required weapon used once to complete, first take out the red lasers shooting in sky, then walk far enough away from base to activate return countdown, let countdown expire, then walk back in and shoot it UNTIL only 1 shot left to blow it, DONT PUT FINAL BULLET IN YET, walk away from base again & the countdown expire, walk back in and if ONLY 1 final bullet is left, put the final bullet in with any weapon, assignment will complete