Bat and Sledge Hammer


Has anyone found any uses for the bat and sledge hammer, except to go “Flintstone” on the machines.


Yep, i have replaced the tick-popping side-arm for a tick-dinging bat :slight_smile:
Its very challenging to hit them mid-air, alltho not as satisfying as it could have been…
I would love seing the little buggers fly away as big baseballs instead of just dying and dropping to the ground…
The sledge is also very effective against cars, that could also come handy :smiley:


I’ve found only 3 uses for either of the two:

  1. In-game challenges where you need to destroy machines with them.
  2. Achievement where you need it to blow up 20 cars.
  3. The least weight consuming sidearm (only 2kg).

Other uses for them:

  • Fun of destroying machines.
  • Backup weapon for early game, once you run out of all ammo.

I’ve done my 1st and 2nd points and for my 3rd char (Gunner), the 5* baseball bat remains as a backup weapon, since with her, i don’t use pistols and i’d rather have the free weight reserved for other stuff.


I tried once playing actual baseball with a friend using frag grenades instead of balls… but with no success :neutral_face:


I’m going to try tick baseball,