Battle damaged bots?

So I’m roaming around the farmlands after the recent update and came across a few hunters, took em out fairly easy then a military class harvester pops up over a hill and laid him down with about 4 shots with my EX sniper rifle and I’m thinking…did my rifle get a buff? I’m not that great of a shot, so I move on through the farmlands and come across a fnix class tank but he’s not moving too swift so I scan him with my binoculars and he’s at 4%…now I know the game is supposed to keep up with the condition of the bots if you exit or quit the game if you don’t finish them off in a fight but my friends and I have one rule when we play this game…no bot is to be left standing especially a tank because we prize those above all else. Was it a glitch or is this part of the update. I know something has happened in the farmland region but I didn’t have time to explore it too much. Any thoughts?

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Well, machines can take environmental damage as well, mainly when in the water. So, it is possible that the tank walked into the water and got damaged greatly but before blowing up, it walked out of the water, resulting in 4% HP left.

That is crazy I can’t believe stuff like can happen😂

Well, on 1st of November, i went to the game to see if Halloween items drop. At the North Coast, i met pack of FNIX runners. All but one, ran into water and died by themselves. So, there’s that.

Also, Rusksele Farm (Marshlands) has a pond near it, which is machine magnet. I’ve seen countless of hunters and runners walk into it, dying. It’s good that i don’t have to spend ammo to take them down but i can’t loot them afterwards either.

I have looted several mechs that have fallen into deep water. You just have to be able to jump into the water above the mech at this point the letter “E” appears, you have to be quick to press the button, before the program makes you get out of the water. Once out of the water it is possible to loot the mech


The same thing happened to me in Farmalands (west from Boo) just today and also with military harvester.
I shot it from behind with EXP Pvg 90 (AP round) and one-shot the poor thing.
Some eye brows were raised.

Yep I was west of boo as well. Sumtn mustve went down in this region.