Battle dynamic - sound

It would be amazing if unsilenced gunshots or explosions attracted enemies within sound range, also would be cool to have it so the robots can hear us if speaking to one another in muiltiplayer and track us

Gunshots, suppressed or not, will make nearby enemies detect you. Suppressors just reduce the range that they can be heard.

Unless I’m misinterpreting what you’re saying, that’s already a feature.

It is a feature yes but minimal from what i can tell, there has been quite a few times i just finished having a huge battle with runners, hunters and a tank/harvester, go over the crest of a hill like 40m away and come across a new group of enemies that didnt know i was there. Yet there has been times where im playing multiplayer and i hear my teammates gunfire 600m away. I think they can only hear up to a certain distance compaired to a players field of sound

currently it’s a pretty weak difference I can use my rpg withing 100m of a machine hey anyone know how loud ab RPG is 100m away

how would they track me using VC in discord lol

Well if you are using discord then it would be muted in game but if using in game chat they would be able too