Battle notifications

Soooo… I reached Lv. 31 recently, and I already miss something. After finishing all enemies in a fight, there was this popup about winning the fight and earning xp. Now, as I can’t earn xp any more, the popup’s gone. It’s just now I can’t tell if I’m still missing some enemies that are waiting to track and kill me. I still get the notification about entering a fight, so that’s likely an oversight and not intended? Or do I need to git gud?

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Is your game music on? That seems to be a more accurate indication of whether any enemies are aware of you. The popup can be inaccurate, for example when I was fighting Hunters with gas grenades. The popup appeared but the battle music was still going and I was still being pelted with gas grenades.

Nope, turned it off after 20 hours or so because I’m more likely to notice enemies’ sounds that way. I know the indicator isn’t that reliable, but it was kinda nice to know it was over when the notification popped. Now I’m always wondering if I missed something… They trained me good, huh.

With the current state of the game, that is more likely.

I’ve also seen several times while being in the combat and killing everything around me, combat music doesn’t stop since either there is some stray machine quite a ways away from me, who was part of the combat but retreated further away or there are some ticks still alive targeting me.

That’s been my experience from the beginning, which made me turn off the music. Often enough, there’s been some straggler hidden in a cave, on another floor etc. and the fight music drove me up the walls. Which is sad, because it’s nice music to set the mood.

Getting in the open and giving a machine clear path to you usually helps to bring them out of hiding, so that you can ice it and end the battle.

As far as sound in general goes, what annoys me the most is when i’m looting in the bunker and there are machines just ontop of it, while me hearing their movement sounds. At times, it has annoyed me so much that i’ve broken my looting run, went outside and killed everything on top of the bunker, so i can return to my looting with peace and quiet around me.

It’s strange that bunkers are bomb proof but not sound proof. :thinking:

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And not X-ray- or scanner-proof.


Actually, this is the exact thing that finally made me post this topic. I’m in that bunker with gas inside, and the game tells me (on the map screen) I’m still in battle, even though the bunker should be empty. So I go outside, and there’s a seeker. Take aim, boom, gone. Back inside, still on alert. Back outside, now it’s two runners on top of the hill. Lure them down, kill them, back inside. Alert. Another seeker…
The most infuriating part is that I seem to attract seekers for a while now. For the first 60 hours, they were rare, and I kind of liked them, floating in the distance, being ominous. Now, they attack in swarms. I was at the FOA facility, the one with the ‘boss’, and it was a constant stream of seekers. I had opened a door in the fence, and there were at least 15 of them literally daisy-chaining, maybe 2 meters apart, through the hedges like through a maze. It looked ridiculous, and they were cannon fodder like that, but they brought tons of runners. At the end of the fight, I’d estimate at least 50 of them.

Problem is I have a rather noisy rig; should probably repaste CPU/GPU soon. In the meantime, the game’s ambient sounds are difficult to hear at all, and the music’s not helping with that. Not the game’s fault, but the visual indicator was helping immensely.

I can hear all the game sounds just fine. Then again, i’ve invested heavily to make my rig silent while still keeping good airflow and i’m using high-end headset with 7.1 surround sound. Latter helps immensely to locate machines, well before even seeing them.