Battle of the Farmlands


Now unfortunately, despite having all 256 rivals setup for the purge - the ongoing issues regarding Xbox multiplayer crashes, and general “issues” we have agreed to all go them once it’s 100%.With my time being diluted day by day - my final video “Resistance”, is being polished this week - I ended up with a lot of footage, clips, and images that didn’t make the cut, or just didn’t fit with the overall take on it.

I still wanted to use the content though, as there was over 12GB worth. I’ve taken my favourites, and set them all up - soundtracked with a live mix I did nearly 4 years ago BUT is a very industrial, robotic, glitchy, spacey, apocalyptic themed tracks so I’ve mashed it all together into a clip / video slide show I’ve titled “Battle of the Farmlands”

25 minutes total recorded on my laptop when I was there. Be warned, it’s 175BPM, and not for the faint hearted. Drum and Bass went to this “ style” and has sadly stuck since. I’ll post the link here once it’s done.



What do you mean 256 rivals? As in Rival machines. I am pretty sure the max is 64. 8 per region. Unless it is multiple runs of killing rivals. Than that makes sense.


Oh Mark where have you been.

There’s 4 of us, each with 64 - Level 4 Rivals. By joining each others map - and as a 4 will take down 256 each.


Nice sounds like fun! I have been just reading forums not really posting.


It’s all good, I thought I put about this ages ago Rival prep or something. Anyway yes - 256 lined up - but its iffy with multiplayer so it’s on stand-by.


yeah multiplayer is the catalyst to a bunch of glitches. Not to mention going around killing a bunch of things.


I kept completely solo, nobody in or out. And honestly, was flawless. Not a single issue in gameplay, tracking, items, or drops. Came out with half a dozen experimental’s some new - very happy overall.


OK gang, it’s all ready.

25 minutes, collection of my memorable screenshots, moments, and memories of my time with the game during FNIX Rising.

I am also aware that 175bpm is commonly used as “running music” so will put a link in the YouTube description to the audio file in Soundcloud should any of you fancy downloading it.

Hold on tight :fire: :robot: :fire: