Be able to go for a walk under water

Brief description:
Well you can go under the sea and explore a little bit, thats all to it,

Steps To Reproduce:
You need to jump a certain distance to not going in to the respawn barrier, and once you have done that you can walk around how much you want, and you get out by going close to a wall and then jumping to trigger the respawn, to get out of there,

(May patch)
Still not adressed

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Where to find it

Video showing how its done,

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Hardware specifications:
CPU: i7-8700K @ 3.7 GHz
RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz
DISPLAY: 1920x1080

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LOL that’s really cool! I had a runner do a skip jump right into a body of water once, it ended up just like you did in this video.

The interesting thing I noticed is that the surface of the water is a hard boundary for all weapons.

If you’re on land, you cannot shoot things in water, and the other way around. The runner I mentioned had a clear visual at me for several minutes (from underneath the water) and firing it’s weapon - but it only made a splash animation on the surface of the water and the bullets never reached me.

Likewise I couldn’t kill it.

I had to run away from there, so that the runner would run in my general direction until it hit the respawn region in the water so that it would appear on dry land again.

Yep same here on ps4 i hit bottom of lake after being chased by many transformer peeps ( running backwards ) :rofl: , revived meself and went for a stroll , fired shotty few times LMAO at the hunters looking for me