Be able to still get skill points

Being at level 31, It would be great if you could still acquire skill points to attain more skills. Just running around and killing robots with out collecting more skills is kind of pointless.


I’ve generally been happy with the skill points, I’ve spend so far, but there are really a few skills, that would improve my characters abilities a lot. Yes, remove or increase the cap on skill points, please.

I think the level cap 31 is exactly for this purpose: limiting your skill points. What else do the levels do?

Not saying that a DLC should not lift the cap a little…

You can always do what many of us did - create another character and start from level 1 :wink:

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It would be cool to see an unlock tree after lvl 31. Kinda like what borderlands did in 2/3. Same with dying light. Place points in areas to over max on. Faster reload, running. Health…


Did not there was going to be a cap unlike Far cry where you can keep getting skills as you progress. Would have used the level points a little better.

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I know. But I really haven’t exercised my split personality yet. So far I’m a single character guy :wink: But before I knew there was s cap, I made a few wrong choices. Why not keep the cap but allow for a skill to be deleted? I wouldn’t even expect a refund :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it is important for the experience that you don’t get too powerful in this game (that is why I play without experimental weapons - unless the game really makes angry, then I bring my PVG90, hehe…)

Currently, we have a level cap, but players are craving for more skill points - some because of uninformed decisions (e.g. because some skills are not really worth it, atm). I have been arguing for the level cap out of balancing reasons.

Why not remove the level cap and do it like FallOut76 does it? From level 31 on, you don’t gain more skill points, but you can - with every level - redistribute one of them?

That way you could, with time, respec an entire character, without loosing progress.

EDIT: The only issue I see with this is that you level up primarily from missions. Without additional missions, this would not work for much longer.


That is a brilliant idea.

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I remember reading people tried to load their beta savefiles with the launchversion, their characters were lvl 0/60… If that was just a glitch or hint I dont know… :wink:

edit its not so bad to grind a character without the missions, atleast not right now when beacons are respawning and the Xpvg90 is a thing.

I wouldn’t mind having more skill points, but there are some skills I would like to get with my current build. I primarily don’t use the binoculars anyways and I would prefer to re-spend that skill point while retaining the other skills down that same path line, into another skill.

At the moment we can only create a new character to be able to refresh skill tree.