Beachhead Quest Help - quest broken or am I bad?

Question for any other players who have completed the Beachhead Quest (which unlocked after completed “First Contact” quest.

Warning: Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played this yet.

I seem to be stuck; here’s where I’m at so far:

  • Went to the beach
  • I’ve killed all the bots
  • In one crate I discovered a “collectible” map.
  • In another crate there were 3 robot dogs that were inoperable…I blew them up anyway cuz why not…
  • My next step is “search for clues about the crates origins”

I’ve looked everywhere on the beach, in the crates, etc. I can’t find the next clue.

You don’t need to spoil the next step. I just want confirmation… is my quest broken? or do I need to look somewhere else OTHER than the beach for the clues?

Walk around the crates, check all of them out and you will eventually figure it out.

My problem is I get stuck at the next phase.

Look closely to the crates, your quest is not broken!

Ahhh! Finally figured it out! Love the subtleties this game has in it for completing quests…a little bit of a “puzzle aspect”

Such a good game.

If anyone has a hint as to how to get past the next phase (i.e. destroy non active) then please let me know. Wasn’t able to, no matter what I tried.