Been playing weeks and just downloaded the 2 packs

We have been playing the original game for a few weeks and dispite having to start over due to a loss of save file. Today we bought the 2 extra packs. However we do not see anything different on the maps or missions or anything else. What are we missing?

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Just read the first dlc add on and it talkes about the isle of onviern (sp). How do you play this 10mb expansion pack. I dont think they can get much into 10mb. Xboc one version

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But we can’t introduce new friends without also giving you new enemies, and that is where the Apocalypse Class comes in. This new tier of machine are the deadliest to date, utilizing horrible weapons like flamethrowers and biochemical guns to try and take you down. So make sure to be extra careful when moving around the island.

Lastly a new expansion would be nothing without new weapons, clothes, collectibles, and achievements. Alpine Unrest introduces Machine Guns to the game: the KVM 59 Machine Gun and KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon. Both of these will be excellent tools for fighting back. Additionally we have new outfits, new things to collect and of course, new achievements to unlock. So keep an eye out, you never know where they might be found.

But that doesn’t mean you’re safe on the mainland. While the Apocalypse Class machines cover Himfjäll, some have made their way over to Östertörn and may appear in select areas of the mainland, should you be unlucky enough to run into them. Thankfully, the new Machine Gun class of weapons we’ve introduced can also be found by all players. There is a twist though, you’ll have to defeat some of the new machines to have a chance to get them. But, new challenges bring new rewards - good luck!

Adds quite a bit of end-game.

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What are the names of the two DLCs that you got?

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There are only 2 that I know of . alpine unrest and fnix rising. Last night we got into alpine uunrrst and are on the island. We have completed about 1/2 of the base game befor we bouht the extra packs. Only problem is we get knocked off every night 2 to 4 times. First a buzz then back to the xbox menue. Either the host or the invite. Just 2 of us. Xbox one.

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Sir, in Missions you got 2 new…
Those start of the quest lines.
The first you need is the one with the Bear icon. :slight_smile:

Are you saying we should uninstall one?

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Wait, what, who, where? O_O
Where did you get that from, sir?

Each new DLC comes with a starter mission, that can be found in your mission log.
One has a bear icon, starting point for Alpine, the other I think a Tick icon, starter point for FNIX.
One can run both, no reason to uninstall anything.

Though… might I suggest to focus on one mission at a time? :stuck_out_tongue:
Tad hard to run both at the same time.

Thats what we have doing unless we accedently run across a side misdion along the eay.

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Well those are meant to be inbetween, hence side mission, sir. :slight_smile:

I meant both DLC mingled up.

No once the new dlcs were bought we were. In between missions so we started with the alpine one.

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Alpine Unrest DLC unlocks the entire Himfjäll island to play on. And it also advances the time regarding the main story line.

FNIX Rising DLC gives you new missions in Southern part of Farmlands and South Coast region. Also, story wise, FNIX Rising takes place after events in Alpine Unrest.

In total, there are 5 DLCs. Two with additional mission content and other three with additional Apparel items.

All Xbox crashes post-FNIX Rising update are documented in here: [XB1] Game Crashing (post update FNIX Rising)

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