Begin or Wait update

I bought the game a month ago on ps4 and I haven’t started it yet. I am waiting for you to update and correct the exaggerated level of difficulty you have. now another month without updating. What do you advise me? Do I start it already or will it be insufferable? Is it better to wait for the update? Thank you

go for it.
if you haven’t started it yet, how do you know the difficulty is that bad? I know there is a lot of negative feedback on it but not everyone feels that way and until you try it for yourself you’ll never know. If you already bought the game anyway what do you have to lose by trying? also, even if it is too hard for you there is no guarantee that any updates will fix it.

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all I read about the game is that the difficulty is poorly calibrated. even in the easiest way. When I start it I will do it alone. I want to enjoy the game, not suffer it and quit.

The developers have acknowledged that in the last update they went over the level of difficulty and that it was something they wanted to fix in future updates. I expected it to be fixed in late May. but … another month waiting? ppffff. I a m a little disappointed

It completely depends on what are you expecting to get out of the game.

For example: i’m one of the few players who enjoys the new difficulty level when playing solo and that on Guerilla (hard) difficulty. So, there’s that.

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I think you should go for it, if you still haven´t played the game you will need training, there is no better place than the Archipelago for that and, and if the update by any chance arrives this week you will not need to"stop" the game. If it does not, well you will just need to wait as the rest of us.
I´ts only insufferable in zones with many harvesters and tanks by the way.

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Thank you very much. I thing that ill play it this week

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what i have figured out so far about the 3 settings in game is that on adventure mode its no problem playing the game you die some times due to instant arty from tanks and harvesters and spam from hunters grenades if its explosive or gas. they can snipe you from extrem long range some times. but they die fast enuff. and you spend 1/4 of your play time on getting ammo from boxes

on skirmish difficulty they have more then dubbel the amount of health and do 1.5 the dmg of Adventure mode same things are a problem her ju just die faster and use more bullets to kill them. and you spend 1/3 of your game time to farm ammo and healt packs

on gerilla difficulty they have more then 3 times the healt and do more then dubbel the dmg and they dropp less ammo and gear and you get no more xp then you get on adventure and more then half of your game time you will spend on geting more ammo and pry to good that you are lucky whit healtpacks from conteiners.

as i prefer fun when i game im sticking to adventure as i get same loot and more ammo andi dont die that mutch =) whit this new settings i have one play trow on skirmish to 31 whit an fresh char and save doing the hole game and dlc. was ruff in the end. and adventure mode i lvled one char on same save whit just killing robots. i have tried gerilla setting bout solo and singel and lets say i did get alot done around me irl but not so mutch in game as it was to hard for me =)

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