Behind Closed Doors

Anyone please give me a clue as to where the above mission starts?

It starts SW from Bergahyttan Hunting Club in Himfjäll.

For exact co-ords, click here.

4780, 400

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I found it. Never thought of exploring that isolated part of the map, but thanks anyway.

I have completed the Mission but I don’t have the second clue… I have searched everywhere in the bedroom, the bathroom, on the island with the twins…
Where is the second clue? Thank you :wink:

Not entirely sure (did it long time ago) but wasn’t there something interest in the hedge maze, in front of the hotel? :thinking:

Thank you for your response.
I played today and oooh surprise :astonished:
I had all 3 clues.
Probably a bug.

GZ should award you all mission clues (items) the next time you play the game after mission completion. At least, this has happened with me.