Bergrum Vargen missing on the map

Platform: PC, RTX 2070, i7, 16GB RAM, Multiplay
Issue: It seems like Bergrum Vargen is not displayed on the map, even if it is found.

There’s nothing to be found inside, just yet. That’s my best guess why it’s not included on the map.

I don’t think it ever shows name. But it is part of a main mission.

Beredskapsförad 119 is labeled Bergrum “Vargen” on my map.

This is PC.

There are plenty of places you see as grey blocks on the map, they have a name when you get there but they don’t get a map label. Should they? Is this bunker one of those?

It is “Bergum Vargen”, and the Beredskapsförad south-east of it has its name.

EDIT: That is weird this is not the case today. I can swear, by the old gods and the new, that yesterday the marker for the BF119 would say “Bergrum Vargen”.