Best Machine Spawns

So I enjoy fighting large amounts of FNIX and Soviet machines at the same time and watching them fight each other. Does anyone know any good locations where this type of thing could take place? I know to look in the North Coast and Marshland Regions, but I was looking for something more specific.

Also, it would be nice to know of any nearby safehouses. I found that the area around Ostra Mark Farm yields a fair amount of both factions. With around 6 to 8 Wolves, 5 Harvesters, and 3 to 4 Tanks all spawning close enough to each other to lure them into one big battle.

If you know any areas that are similar to or better than this, then pls post them here. Also, it would be helpful if you could post a screenshot of the location on the map.

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at the top of the farmlands theres a safehouse on a hill if you go to that and travel right along the map you will probably find a few russains and fnix fighting

Thx, that is a big help.

Where the north coast and forest regions meet, there is a place that players sometimes call the windmills. There could be a large gathering of machines there from time to time and depending on which side of the border you are on could add levels to either/both regions.

Ah ha! Now that is what I like to hear.

I usually see a lot them in the n. farmlands, by Lillahammarnas safe house. A lot of times they’re fighting in the fields on one side or the other.

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That’s the by sealbee mentioned lilla hammarnäs.

One of my personal favorite locations for some greater battles. Just around it or from there move eastern and you will find lots of great machines including soviets.

Around ringfort is another good location, but the soviet machines don’t there.

Be ready

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Hey, thx for the feedback! This helps a lot. I already tested the windmill location and it was great, so thx for that one.

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uh oh, I think I am a bit scared about just posting an image an saying “Be Ready”…

Best haul I got was 2 Wolfe, 20 ish Lynx, 3 Tanks, and a Harvy with all it’s call ins. Hell of a battle

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This is still by biggest battle.