Best spot to level up Farmlands region?

I have been killing rivals in the farmlands and such but it makes my region score and level go down really quickly. Is there any spot/area that is recommended for leveling up my farmlands region?

Well, everywhere would be the correct answer, because Farmlands are packed with machines.
Check Ă–sterviks IndustriomrĂĄde and head north.
Check around Vallinge Church.
Check Ă–verby Air Base and head north.
And everything north of Boo.


I always clear the areas around ringfort and lilla hammarnäs, then move east and last but not least visit the airport and the area eastern of it.

Edit: The area around lilla hammarnäs can be very hard to beat. A week ago I had a battle against 1 Fnix Tank (4* Rival), 3 Military Tanks, 3 Fnix Harvesters and 4 Military Harvesters with lots of Seekers, Runners and of course Hunters over there.

So take a look around if you spawn at the savehouse and at first make a plan in which order you want to engage them.

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Thank you for the map! I will check out Lilla Hammarnas aswell.