Best Tank Rival Battle Ever! (Unique Bug Too)

Hello everyone,

I started a new character due to…reasons…and I nearly completed the entirety of the Archipelago Region except for one mission and one rival. The mission is insignificant, however, the rival was of course the tank. At this stage in the game it was level 4. I was dreading the solo fight on Guerrilla difficulty and brought almost everything, 63.1 KG of my max 64 KG of carry weight. The screenshot shown below is the result of one medium boombox and 13 explosive tanks. I doubt this is how this is suppose to work, but it brought me glee. I was surprised that it didn’t die out right, but 6 shots from the rocket launcher finished the job quickly. Stay safe out there and enjoy, or scream in horror, at the flying tank.

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~ Vatruvius

I do this almost every time I’m on F23 Överby Air Base :grin: