BETA access - it´s really pity.!?


Hello Generation Zero team,

i´m BANDOS7 and very nice to meet you. =)

So, i dont would like disturb you long, and yes, i know, you havent loots of time.

I wish for long time to get into your beta program… some of my friends (at steam) have this luck and can try it.

Mostly of them, they dont play the game, because to much bugs and so… O.O

My questions on you is, its possible to extend the beta program.!?

I would like to support you too, help with some bug-reports and so… =(

Maybe its possible, and you make dream´s come true!!

I have a high-end PC, maybe is useful for you.

Is a offline-mode include??

Thank you for your time and Cheers =)

best regards

BETA access - can you please help me here.!?

Yes there is an offline mode for the game i asked graham and he comfurmed it for me. As for beta access you do realize that a very select few have access to the game in these late stages before release.


Hm… okay. Offline mode is very cool, thats great for me and important. Thanks.! =)

And yes, i read it, 100.000 person get it… True!??

Its really shame the person they become it, but didnt play it… :frowning:


Well first off the betas over and now only the devs and a select few can get the Private beta.


Hmmm… okay. Hopely they game’s runs fine and so…
Than we can do nothing.

Thank you for fast and very helpful answer!


your welcome im hyped for the game too :grin: