Better and more Missions and Assignments

Why can we only have 3 assigments at a time?
Most of the time 2 of them are impossible (like complete a defense mission 7 times in 12 hours)
Makes no sense, there are many games where we can choose from a few missions at a time, then they respawn, here we only have 3.

Why cant we have various procedural missions during the day instead of 2 or 4 per week?
Open world games usually have optional side missions appearing all the time.


I once suggested to have 5 assignments each day where we could chose up to 3 from. As example.

I would be glad to have at least one procedual mission per day like it was during the resupply event.

More would of course be more fun.

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the fmtel assignments etc aren’t meant to be the highlight of any video game :neutral_face: there just a little extra something to do, if all else is complete, & meant mostly 2 help show how many people are currently playing the game, video game online cenius/ population or something :neutral_face:, when people play offline, not connected to Internet, game devs can’t take a head count

Okay, I might come in here: to do the assignments you need to play every day. In the week, there are six extra points - i.e. Sunday. If you do all the missions, you hit Tank Rewards on Saturday. There are only three that are really difficult: Base assault with a melee weapon (why?), 7 Defence Missions, and Medium Base Assault. The third is difficult because you need to spawn a new base, fight until it upgrades once - instantly break contact and run away, or it will upgrade again. i.e. the window is really small.

Harvesters with a hunting rifle can be done with the 6* .270 which is great fun. The 50kph can be done on the moped. Televisions can be done by going to one Warboard, shooting the two televisions beside it, fast travel to another, do the same, fast travel back to the first whereupon the tvs have respawned. Repeat. Boo has 15 cars in it (including one under a tarpaulin and another in a garage), Tank with a pistol can be done with the Klauke and shock ammo. Alternatively, if you take the Prototype tank at the entrance to the Archipelago, you can hide inside the container and shoot it with a Magnus, upgraded to “Unstoppable Shells”! Five item of clothing can be done on the same T-Shirt. Stuff like “Base Assault with Grenades”, hit the base from out of range with 35 84mm rockets and only close when all the walls and spawning machines are down. Then you only have to deal with the four Hunters that spawn - take the dog to deal with them.

Once you commit, it is not difficult and after a few weeks I now have every base weapon in the game at 5*, which is the only way I’ve ever found to reliably get them. That is to say nothing about the huge numbers of medkits and ammo packs that you end up with.

Having said all that, I do wish there were more of them, and that they were better thought out. For example, one should be something like: destroy five petrol stations. Or: “The Resistance needs to evacuate casualties: clear the road of machines between Point A and Point B”. Stuff like that.


It is “difficult” because we´re not supposed to play GZ all day long, there are real life stuff to do, and there are even OTHER games, its a bit boring when 2 of the assigments are to do lot of stuff related to Bases, sometimes its 3 assigments related to Bases like today are, most of the time i dont want to do it or its too time consuming.
The ones about destroying stuff and enemies with X and Y are easier and faster.
I dont see a reason that we cant have 3 assigments related to base defense and 3 other to other things.

And yes, better missions would make things more interesting, half of them are too easy and too simple , like repairing radios :eyes:

@Madchaser @Echelons-4th-Spy But one thing is certain, I played the game Every single day during that week of daily Missions.

If we had a mission per day and more assigments, more players would play the game, that is the system a lot of games have, the Campaign ends, but there is still a lot to do and explore, there you have it.


Me too.
Even if I just played for about an hour, I played each single day, did the mission and maybe roamed or hunted a bit.

But that should be the devs goal. Keep the game interesting for us that we at least log in each day.

Once the fmtel-missions did that job for me.
But they became more and more broken (the counter of resistance points) and less attractive because of these “7 bases” missions.

The procedual missions have a lot of potential. But we need them to have one each day. It mustn’t become a mondays-game.


Totally agree with the sentiments in this post. I have played GZ nearly every day since 20 but being an end game player and having achieved and completed everything but now find that FMTL assignments and the 10 minute, weekly mission are the only things that keep me coming back. Now that some of the FMTL assignments are BASE oriented and impossible (for me in my game) I have finished the the last two weeks on 35 points and therefore failed to collect Tank award.
When the only thing keeping you coming back starts to p**s you off it cannot be good.

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Fully agree. The assignments this week have been exceedingly heavy in base orientated missions.

I miss when you had to hunt several machines of the same type or hunt a number of machines with a specific weapon.


Yeah, bring back the old missions which were doable within a game session or new ones like, perhaps 4 tanks with a handgun or 20 tv + 20 cars. Also a 10 min mission once a week is not going to interest many people.

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I’d like to add some tasks to find stuff like 200 units of fuel or a certain amount of ammo or first aid kits or similar.


Definitely. More variety in FMTL assignments and weekly missions with nothing to do with bases would help to keep me interested but most of all, as has been said many many times, we need a new island.

Today one of the missions is “complete a defense mission 7 times (MEDIUM)”
Dude what the hell, i dont even have a Base anymore, even if I had, 7 times is a lot just for 2 points!
And destroy 5 harvesters (HARD) gives me 3 points
Does this makes any sense at all?
In what world the above is hard and the other is Medium?
More likely Super easy and the other EXTREME because its very time consuming.

We need more daily Assignments to choose from, and more Missions.

At tick level as well. :laughing: I do not roll my eyes anymore.