Better walking behaviour when encumbered

This idea comes from the game The Long Dark. In this game, when you carry to much you have a certain threshold until the character doesn’t move at all like in GZ. But in TLD the closer the weight gets to this threshold the slower the char walks making him/her crawl when being really close to the threshold.

In GZ you have a base carry weight of 64kg. At 80kg the character doesn’t move. But at 79.999kg the character still has it’s full walking speed. Adding 1 more gram to the backpack making him stand still. This stark difference what 1 gram can do is really strange.

I’d prefer having reduced speed when the carried weight is between the “no more running/teleporting” and the “no more walking” thresholds. For example when the character is right in the middle at 72kg, the char has half the regular walking speed. At 79.999kg the speed is reduced to a very slow crawl.

This would also give great feedback to the player of the state of the carried weight.

What do you think about this idea? At which thresholds would you integrate a reduced walking speed?

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full agreed with this , good post, it could be worth having a yellow indicator ( Nearly Full ) and red ( Over weight ) icon shown too


When new inventory, alongside the weight system was introduced (March '20 update), there was a gradual movement penalty system in game.

It went as follows (with Carry Capacity at level 2):

Weight system (max 80);
80 - 87.999 - can’t sprint, only jog
88 - 96.999 - can’t sprint or jog, only walk
97 - can’t move at all

In the next patch (April '20 update), the graduality was removed and carry capacity increased, where we now have:

Weight system (max 96);
96 - 112.999 - can’t sprint or jog, only walk
113 - can’t move at all

Why devs moved the gradual system - that i don’t know. I guess they had their reasons. And given that we only had this neat system (which i liked), only for a one month, chances are good that it won’t be coming back.

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I guess they did the change since it is not clear why at halfway the player can only jog but not sprint.

The linear reduction of the walking speed between the “no more running/teleporting” and the “no more walking” thresholds can be done with math quite easily:

vwmax = maximum walking velocity of the character
vact = actual velocity
wmax = maximum carry weight until all movement functionality is accessible (e.g. 64kg)
wstill = weight at which the character doesn’t move at all (e.g. 80kg)
wact = actual weight

if (wact > wmax) {
    vact = ( 1 - ( wact - wmax ) / ( wstill - wmax ) ) * vwmax;
else {
    vact = vmax;
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There are quite a lot in GZ which isn’t clear and players have to find these out by themselves, for better or for worse.

You lost me after that. I’m not a math professor and have 0 clue what the following formula is supposed to show. :smile:

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