Beyond the Barricade non-completeable



So, playing with my spouse, they’re doing beyond the barricade. My profile has already accomplished this quest, theirs hasn’t (obviously). We start the quest normally from the map point, make our way to the town, destroy the machines and advance normally to the ‘discover the clues’ step. Spouse grabs the voicemail piece and gets 1/2 completion; meanwhile, I dip into the gas house to grab the letter. Spouse’s log does not update for 2/2, even though the quest shows all three discoverable items - spouse can even read the letter and re-listen to the voicemail, but quest is still stuck at 1/2 clues discovered.

Any workarounds?


i have the exact same problem with my game even when playing alone.


Same problem here - I’ve already done the mission but am helping a friend, so he grabbed voicemail while I went into the gas house to grab the letter. It won’t update it still says the he only has 1 out of 2.

I guess this still isn’t fixed lol
Does anyone know if we split the group and he goes back solo will it start working again?


Hey @Aeoleone, @HEN_THE_REN and @Stew83 :wave:

We are aware of the issue and have fixed it internally.

No promises, but the fix should roll out to you guys with the January patch which is planned for release later this month.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!


Sorry for the ridiculously late reply, but thank you for following up. ^^


Since this issue was resolved I’ll be locking this.

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