BF artillery gun on strv

So basically there is not any artillery guns in gz besides the coastal guns. So the surviving army take a haubits FH70 on a strv so it can have a bigger kick

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Sweden used this one during that time period


I am aware it was a idea suggested i made it come to life and its a modified tank

That’s one heck of a gun. Too bad we cant actually fire them.
But anyway, where are you thinking we should come across these? (As in, what region).

Any regon or where theres fighting and or special base

Maby we could fire it as like part of a mission

That would be petty dope. FINX better watch out.

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wouldn’t the gun you destroy in the FNIX Rising mission technically be an artillery peice? it’s in the base game but you can’t do anything with it.

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Maybe the devs could incorporate firing the gun into a mission where you face some kind of new bot.

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