Bicycle in a rut in water

Platform: PS4
Description: i took a bicycle from Stenhaga Farm.
Rode it west along the coastline towards the next main mission point, Salthamn.
I rode in to the gulley you can see in the image and was unable to get off the bike or move it anywhere. I ended up having to reload The game.

Step to reproduce: see description

Host: solo game
Number of players: 1
Specs: PS4

That’s expected behaviour at this point. It used to do this in puddles too. Can you fast travel out of it or are you forced to reload?

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True. However, fast travelling is basically a reload.

I would prefer to either get off the bike and stand up, or drown consistently because of the completely realistic inability to get off a bike while being under water. :wink:

Yeah, what @pegnose said. Either get up again, with or without the bike, or drown and reload, not flap around in the water unable to do anything.