Big Mistake on your Main Web site


No, you can’t support your friends, it’s just auto-resurection.

No matters to share the loot because each player can loot the same supply and there is a lot of stuff to loot too much.

Moreover, there is no real way to share the loot, it must be thrown to the ground.
We have about twenty bags on the ground with radio and adrenaline, really a lot of loot

So i don’t know if it’s broken now or if your main page is not exact.
It’s just an observation the game is not bad and for the 4 hours of play I’m clearly not completely disappointed, and I can not wait to play tomorrow. but I must admit that there is a lot of strange thing in the stability of the game and its communication

Sorry for the bad English i’m french.



Is this post true regarding Multiplaying?
If so, is it intended? Is it getting adressed?


you can revive a downed player but you need the skill and it uses one of your adrenaline


Wow, nice!
Then this post should be answered with that.

Hows the items that drops in MP when you kill something? Do you get A LOT more, per person, then single?

The numbers of items that drops should not be a lot. Max a few items, and let the group decides among themselves who gets what.

If someone “steals” something, well, dont play with that person again! :stuck_out_tongue:


each person can loot the downed machines, boxes and backpacks. loot may not be the same for each player. all players are able to pick up items found outside of containers as well, but they do not respawn like the containers


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