Big Mother Bots! (Sense of Scale)


So I have been following this game and I’m really excited to see the results. This is already on my wishlist on steam. So after watching some videos, pics, and reading all of the games current info, I feel one thing that would give the player a sense of scale, and vulnerability, is “Massive Robots”…Just hear me out.

So let’s say these Massive Robots, which I nickname “Big Mother” show up once in a while, not too much as they wouldn’t really be a center point or a focus, but give the player that feeling that “This may be harder than I thought” feeling. Think “War of the Worlds”… So imagine running around the several different houses, looting and what not…then…suddenly a distant rumbling starts. The player would stop in their tracks. Upon investigating through a window or front door…there in the distance is a Massive Robot looking around, scanning. Perhaps it is checking on the progress of the other robots. If you felt brave, perhaps try to get a little closer. This new robot would make you seem so small, considering it would be comparable to a building in height. Then, after a few moments… it leaves. The player could continue their journey. I just feel that it would help immerse the player in that “Danger” mode. After getting supplies and becoming stronger, you and your friends could take out some robots…but you will always remember and know… perhaps the “Mother” robot would be simply too much…so keep your eye out, it could appear from time to time.

Anywoo… sorry for rambling. I already Love this game and will be Very excited to play.


Seems a lot harder to make work properly. Anyway we’ve already seen the tank which is at least 4x bigger than the player from my personal experience fighting it. Not all the robots have been announced so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.


As Pronto Said the Tank is Huge and I kind of suspect it might not be the Biggest Machine the Devs have up their Sleeve. But you do hear the Tank well before you see it, First time is a What The… moment! Then you see it in the distance or over a house. I suspect you didnt take part in the Beta seeing as you said watching videos etc, as meeting the Tank in game in the Beta was a definite sit up and take notice moment.


Oh nice. I can’t wait to see the tank when I play and see in game. Nothing is going to beat playing this game for the first time. Thank you for the response.