**big world bigger emptiness**


I have played this game for a while now. I honestly believe it has such potential to be amazing. However they have made the same mistake as Fallout 76 (Sorry Bethesda) A huge sprawling world with nothing much to do in it.

There should be NPC’s…Wild animals that set off the machines… This would mean you are unaware if you have been spotted or if a Rabbit has set their sensors off. Why have such a big playground with so little to do?

Why have only 4 people survived this? The game is beautiful, however it feels like mid creation, someone’s mum shouted upstairs to say dinner was ready so they just clicked “finish” This has so much more potential.

Add more life, make the wold breathe, Bring the weapons and inventory into this century. I assure you this would change the game dramatically. They have so many customization options. Perhaps some of that creativity should have been poured into the missions.

I also feel vehicles have been a missed opportunity. Perhaps in the same vein as Far Cry in regards to the way they handle? Salvage parts, build a machine, traverse the vast landscape.

You have built the foundations of something truly great. However your execution is lacking. Please breathe some more life into this title. Your fans deserve it. On the whole a great game. Just needs that little…bit …more.

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I agree with everything you said, if they added all of that this game with fly up the player count charts.

But I also would like to remind you that this is a very small Dev team, 30 people they said. They are no way a AAA company. That’s why it is a 40 dollar game. Maybe if they took an extra year to really blow this game up it would be a better experience but releasing like this gives us players the opportunity to give feedback and ask for things essentially making this OUR game. Great feedback but keep in mind this is a small group of people making this game happen!

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I feel you. I do. But a small team does not mean small content. Look at how beautiful the game is. They wasted energy in the wrong place…Why do i need 50 different types of camo and eye patches in a 1st person view game? use some of those resources on a basic creatures mod. I have seen a “modder” create something so spectacular on his own with a team of exactly 1. They are no doubt an extremely talented team. I just feel they could have pushed the envelope more. Take Undead labs…A very small studio that created a fantastic game in State Of Decay. Yes it had it’ s issues but sooo much to do in a small space. I would rather have sacrificed the vast open world for more content. Shrink the map. Inject some life, Flesh the missions out. Drop a few NPC’s in there? Also just streamline the inventory similar to that in Horizon Zero Dawn Or Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Not a huge feat but extremely effective.

I can’t really dispute anything you said. But I can tell you enjoy the game and just want it to be better or else you wouldn’t have joined this forum. I hope the same too. I read what people suggest and like the ones I would like to see hoping the devs take notice.

Apparently they do. they look at feedback and do improve. I feel so sad for Anthem. I think Bioware did a great job and its being hailed the worst game this year or last. I think they have a few areas that need improvement but I cannot remember the last time i climbed in a suit like that and felt like such a badass. off topic but feel people are so quick to slate a developer team. This is not a slating BTW. Just a mere suggestion on how to improve what could be a tremendous game. Food for thought. That’s all. I remember when people were blown away by Mario…or Pong…Now everyone is a critic. lol. End of lecture :slight_smile:

Yes the one thing I like about this Dev team is they are active and promised fixes soon, this week I believe. Credit to them that they aren’t even talking about future content. Sea of Thieves impressed me because of the constant interaction with the dev team and being honest and sticking to what they say. I hope of the beat for this game and team. I even played call of the wild that was made by them and they pumped out content for that game too. People just need to be patient and learn to have fun being part of the growing process. And BTW I bought anthem and played like 3 hours and thought it was one of best games I’ve ever played but haven’t played since because my friends thought it sucked, some games just don’t do it for people. :bowing_man:

Personally I like the emptiness, though the floundering to the right part of the island never mind the right locale is not that much fun (could be fixed by issuing a decent resolution PDF download of the map.)

However considering you are supposed to be from that island and you have a map I would expect the settlements to have their names marked, along with the “townlands” or whatever areas are known as and the roads to be identifiable, so you can find your way to the approximate area (I’m probably overly optimistic.)

Though maybe my map irritation will be fixed with this upcoming patch (am I the only one who finds that sometimes the map doesn’t zoom in fully?)

Bringing the weapons up to date, well then it wouldn’t be 1989 :wink:

I would like to see birds and stuff triggering alerts (and getting blasted out of the sky) and I would like to see the ability to create tripwires for either tripping up Runners, or for triggering mines (or similar) or to detonate cars as booby traps.

Also luring bots into swamps or deep water would also be good and shouldn’t really involve a huge rewrite (as the deep water detection already exists)

Dropping trees or power lines would be good but that would be a a lot of work.

Funny enough vehicles don’t really appeal to me but that’s just a personal opinion, though a Apocalypse Now style boat ride would be good, or riding on the back of tanks having tank duels or jousting tournaments would be would be fun too.

It strikes me that there is a lot of fluff (the dressing up stuff) in place because somebody was testing their in game character code and the project grew.

I agree with most of that. By guns I meant does every scope have to be cracked? The inventory system is clunky. You should be able to press the hotkey you want to assign the item to rather than manually selecting it.

In regards to the water…Take basic Indie games. They have loads of those with swim mechanics. This is no excuse for a small developer team. Also…No MELEE? Did they not hit in 1989? lol Rocky, The Warriors… I see lots of melee.

I will bide my time. I just feel they spot you from a mile off. No way of scrambling their signals. No melee. No swimming. No vehicles to help cover such large distance. I would even take a push bike at this point.

Create some free DLC. make it all about filling the space with more stuff. Also PLEASE PLEASE Sort out the messy inventory.

Other than that, great job guys. I will watch this space.

Melee is something I never thought about, they really need to look into that. A simple swing with the butt of my gun would work fine. Maybe melee weapons too.

Ahhh see…It seems crazy they don’t have it. I want to punch a robot in the face lol

This game lacks NPC’s because it’s a relatively low budget game and making them good would’ve cost a fair bit. We can certainly hope that it’ll be introduced at some point.

I’m a big proponent of adding unlockable vehicles to the game. It would be quite useful when you leave the initial few islands and reach the farmlands and mountains of the big island. Plus you could have a loud vehicle distracting enemies while the others proceed with their mission.


The last Dev stream they mentioned possibly adding a bicycle. You find them in sheds and garages anyways. But I have my speed maxed out I honestly don’t need a vehicle.

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