Bigger Map Please!

I wish in generation zero the map was bigger and if it were made bigger the encounter with a new machine or different class would be slower not like after the archipelago bridge you start seeing tanks right of the bat and it’s like kinda rushed in my opinion and I feel like the atmosphere changes immediately after you see a military hunter in the archipelago or you see a tank right after the bridge that leads to the main land tell me if end of you agree. -LT_PIGEON

I hope after the next update the difficulty levels will do what they promes in the description. Than you can swith to advanture mode and you will have the atmosphere you want.
I see the problem with a even bigger map in the time needed to fill it. If you compare the the map quality from the archipelago area with the rest of the map you will notice that they already spend a lot of time in creating all the szensrieos that tell a storry and make the world realistic. If the map is even bigger they would need so much time to fill it with something interessring.
It will already take several month to update the rest of the map to the quality of the archipelago area, that i dont think enlarging it would be a good idea.
Rather mak the advanture kode what it suppose to be :wink:

I say no! They are already working on filling the current world with more scenes and content. The work is done on the archipelago, and it became a very nice improvement on the original setting. When the whole map is eventually worked over, it will look fantastic!
I’ve always voted for the devs to polish what they’ve already got, before extending further. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think the world needs to get bigger right now. Back in and after the beta, the archipelago bridge used to be the place where you saw your first hunter, I liked that a lot. The first tank was a bit to the left of it. That made for a really nice introduction for the hunter, which I think they should have left that way

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As far as map size goes, there are good chances that future DLCs open up currently locked islands, expanding the map further.

Limitations are again consoles right? I would love to see a map at least a ten times bigger, it should take a few days or even weeks of real time to walk from one corner of the map to the other, that way they could implement motorcycles and cars so we could cut the time down to a few hours or a day.

The map is fine, the 3 remaining islands just need to be made " available" :wink:

No its not its a small tiny sandbox map. Any 300 euro PC can handle a much bigger map. I think even my calculator can handle a bigger map :wink:

Where the heck do you find good 300 euros pcs? 300 euros pcs can´t even play games properly, what kind of games do you even play to think the map is small? Name them please

Or they could just add Germany at the top of the map

10 times bigger? That wouldn’t even be fun. The smaller the map is, the more unique it can be made. The map isn’t even that small, I’d say it’s well big enough to enjoy.

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How? Sweden is above Germany and Denmark :thinking::sweat_smile:

It could be. Or another option to make it work on consoles is adding long loading time in the game, which loads another part of the map. This would ruin the seamless game when you’re walking from one part to the another.

The bigger the map is, the more copy/paste devs have to do and the more errors in the map/terrain there would be.

Seems like you don’t want bigger map. You want motorized vehicles instead.

Speaking of that, have you ever played DayZ? It has a lot bigger map, several vehicles (cars, trucks and when i last saw, helicopters as well), has base building and PvP as well. Oh, zombies too. And much more complex survival mechanic (food, drink).