Bike and gas mask change feature etc bugs

**Platform:**PS4 original


  1. Gas mask filter stays on, and/or does not equip while on bike.

  2. Flashlight light cone moves left to right while you are stationary on a bike.

  3. Got stuck inside a truck 2457.261 3240.677 are the coordinates :), went into menu , got out of menu and was stuck on the corner next to green tarp inside the container on the truck.

Stuck again 2457.568, -3845.460 (host 3 other ppl)

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. mounting bike, put on gas mask, no filter is show only when dismounting the bike. Taking off gas mask while on bike does not remove filter until dismounting it.

  2. Just put on light while on bike.

  3. did not dare to try again

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client:**Host

**Players in your game:**No


Hey apx, a template can be found here on -> How to submit a bug report :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting this issue and participating in the GZ community!

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