Bike feedback/requests


First of all, the additions of bikes was an awesome thing and i think they have been the funnest addition yet, though i have a few requests here for some quality of life improvements;

1; ability to rotate camera while doing a wheelie - whats the fun of watching your character do a wheelie from behind? when you turn your camera while doing a wheelie your character automatically resets, as one input would override the other.

2; make machine’s that carry bike skins or rare loot recognizable in some way - i’ve killed about 45 ish tanks and about 30 harvesters, even having an encounter where i fought two tanks and two harvesters at once but i haven’t found any bike colors yet. either the RNG is too low or there just isn’t anything guiding the player to knowing what to do in my opinion.

3; give us a jump button - when i was a kid riding around on my dorky 45 pound mountain bike i’d still be jumping up curbs etc it would be nice to have as an option for mobility. obviously the first iteration of “Cykel” is not the most agile thing, but you could still bunny hop on it or something due to it seemingly not being a very heavy bike.

4; Not as steep of a drop off to your speed when going uphill, it would make sense to run out of stamina when going up an especially steep hill, but sometimes the slightest incline can bring you to a crawl the moment you start while if you approach a road with an incline you will actually gain speed. so maybe making that a bit more realistic would be nice!

If anyone else would like to see more quality of life improvements to the bikes post em’ here!


I’ve no idea where to get these other skins people are talking about. Is there a specific enemy I need to kill? What class? Etc.


FNIX harvester and tank

i still want to know how to wheelie with keyboard/mouse controls


For option 2 I have to say no. It’s like a lottery ticket. It doesn’t show on the front if it’s a winner or waste of money. And I think the way you kill a machine depends on what you find. If you put a 1000 bullets in it or just 200 makes a difference to what is left to scavenge.

Fnix class


You’re only assuming FNIX as the strongest enemy in game right now is a military class tank in the north with a rail gun, if they say kill a “powerful enemy” that is a bit too vague or at least i think it is. i’d rather see a tough challenge, know its there and tackle it properly, than play a guessing game for weeks potentially never getting the thing i wanted.

@kakarron that is necessary too, with a controller it’s obvious but it’s unfair to pc players.


On the note of item 4, the bikes in game are road bikes, not mountain bikes, and as such they have pretty poor traction. Without good traction, no amount of pedaling is going to help you avoid losing speed going up hill unless you’re on a well maintained paved road.


You can take any bike off road and up a small hill if you have even the slightest amount of ability in riding a bike, and even more so if you’re some person fighting and surviving against robots. steep hills make sense, small hills do not.


I wish I could pick up the bike. Lift up to carry it up a steep hill or if you hit something while being chased, let me pick it up to move to a better spot to ride off again instead of having to get on then slowly back up or abandon the bike


Dropped for me today from a FNIX Harvester :slight_smile:


awesome finally some photo proof! thanks @Xezr , now to continue my grind till im lucky enough to get one :smile:
and @kakarron totally agree, sometimes you need to cut across a hill instead of biking all around the coast, and being able to pick it up would def solve that. i just wonder how they would make it possible without making inventory management a pain…


i dont want it to go in my inventory, just temporarily hold it. wont be able to shoot or use items while doing it


I feel like that’s far less likely to happen sadly man :sweat:


Is it normal for my character to be so blurry on the bike? Not sure if it’s my computer or not. it’s not the motion blur setting, that doesnt fix it.

also watch the video to the end to see my bike trick


i must say i have never had that before. maybe it is because the bike is a different kind not the normal sky blue one


ya boi just landed a sick 180 :joy: thats right weird though… hopefully just a rare graphic bug and it won’t be persistent.


realized the youtube video looked so bad, doesn’t reallu show what i was talking about.
hoefully these pictures work better
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I can see that better now it seems like the bike is just vibrating with you on top of it. Also just wanted to find out, does this happen every time or just this once


that’s just how it always is