Bikes and how to steer them

Okay, I had my first bike ride. I managed to get on and there I sat. I pushed every button in the keyboard until i came to “W” which sent me forward in a straight line, across the road and into the trees, which I hit with a thump. Tried to get off and caught something and came down with a thump and lost 70% life force, which makes it the most serious bike accident of my life!

Is there stuff I’m not getting? Like how to steer!

AD to steer left and right W moves you forward, S is the key for reversal on the bike ( just a guess tho) You can do a wheelie but how ( maybe an skill unlock) i do not know how, at least on PC machines. On consoles its left and right triggers moves you forwards and backwards you can use left stick back to wheelie the ride.

Thank you! I don’t need to show off, I just need to pedal away from tanks. Do you normally get game-hurt if you fall off?

I like to fall off things in games but not in real life. I would like to see little bit more aggravated physics when you fall but not so muych health loss.

Oh, it wasn’t exceptional then? Right - nasty dangerous beasts! Now I know…

Yes the cykel is not like Swedish cars of the era. It’s more of a risk takers vehicle of choice.

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