Bikes are redundant

The one and only thing I’d like to change on the bike is First Person View. Because having driving experience I’ve used to “aim” vehicle from the “inside”, not with drone buzzing around.

This would be better because currently in order to turn you have to hold down the left/right button long before the actual turning takes place. It’s almost as if there’s a delay between pressing the button and turning the bike. This is the problem I’m addressing. It’s weird and unnatural.

Increasing the sensitivity would require players to no longer hold down the left/right button as long when turning and instead press it more quickly. It doesn’t need to be extremely sensitive, that’s not what I’m saying at all. it should be an in-between value that is much faster than what it’s currently at, but still feels realistic to actually riding a bike.

Biking is fun! I just wish for a better bike.
Mountain bikes 1989

Still also want Inlines!

And snowboard & slalom skiing &

Hoverboards and jetpacks… because there are robots. And that futuristic flying Delorian. :wink:

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This one? :face_with_monocle:

Screens (click here to view)

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