Bikes are redundant


During my year and a half long journey throughout generation zero’s swedish countryside never once have I thought “man, I wish I had a bike right about now” and that is because they have no utility what so ever besides glitching. I think that a motorcycle or mountain bike would be quite a nice change instead of going 2 mph and only being able to use roads. Maybe you could win the motorcycle from that race mission in fnix rising? I am still thinking that through. But currently I am certain that unless you are bored and/or overweight using a bike is the least efficient option. Thank you for reading


Me and my friends mostly Walk or run. With a few exceptions. Like if you die and have no adrenalin. Then you can ride the bike to the fight to get there faster. And sometimes when we are looking for fights we ride around.


The only time I have ever used a bike un-ironically is when I am trying to draw aggro and even then most of the hotspots are inaccessible by road


Bikes are optional and they are there for those who like them. Using bikes isn’t mandatory.

E.g for me, melee weapons have the same level of usefulness as bikes are - fun for a bit but overall - useless.


I think the bikes are meant to be more of a novelty than anything else, akin to all the crazy emotes. I believe that cycling is also a favored mode of transportation in Sweden, as well, so it adds to that Swedish flair. We use them just to have some fun and try some crazy stunts, in the game. Cheers


Bikes have their uses, but I don’t use them often. Maybe if they were more customizable, I would like them more.


I use them but I agree, bikes are almost useless, at least they should be as GTA bikes are, which are harder to fall and can climb at least a bit more than they can in GZ.


Yeah, the bike sucks. It’s very poorly implemented and I can’t tell if they did it just to test the feasibilty of vehicles or if they just made it to convince the player base that vehicles wouldn’t fit in.


Well I kind of think of bikes as a sorta: Hey you guys want a vehicle? Sure have a bike. And back when bikes came out everyone loved them then it was just like oh we didn’t really need or want them thant much anyway. :sweat_smile: They are still fun Occasionally though.