Binocular Tech view component info stays if moving to different enemy


I have the blueprint for the regular Runner, not the Military one. I can view the details of Runners with the binoculars. If I drag the view to a different enemy (Military Runner in this case), the details keep being displayed.

Steps To Reproduce:
View enemy through binoculars, switch to Tech view, move over to different enemy that is close by, voila.

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Single player


EDIT: During screen shotting this I noticed that if you tab out while enemies are highlighted, then tab back in, switch to another weapon and ADS, you will get the highlighting effect with Tech details descriptors for your ADS (even without any scope, had this with the experimental shotty). Seems the end conditions for this mode/effect have some holes in them. Could not reproduce this later. Might require that enemies have moved away from your line of sight when you tab back in?

The tech view component effect also stays active without the binocular.

I had observed this before, but in this fight it was really disturbing. I had real trouble seeing these small yellow electrical signs.

Actually, this has already been reported here. :slight_smile:

Huh! My apologies. Interesting that I had this never before (at least to that extent).

Well, I’m actually not sure about the view staying when pointing to an enemy (class) for which you don’t yet have the blueprints (since I have them all). Also I have not seen the extra info stay.

And it seems that logic has gone out the window anyway. I have not been able to have the persistent tech view when scoping a weapon. Only when staying un-scoped. Which it definitely did until maybe a few days ago.

To top it off the labels are all over the shop. Look at the “gun” in the screen shot above.

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I’d guess it is some sort of race condition. Potentially frame-rate dependent.

That a joke I presume? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish it were. I have a pic somewhere of a tank with a head covered in “leg armour” according to the blueprints…

No, what I mean is that if the exit conditions for this tech view effect are not coded properly, it might depend on timing. Detection of a certain state at a certain time, maybe in concurrency to other events. That might explain why it happens sometimes to some of us. And timing often depends on framerate in graphics applications, where it often should better not.

Maybe race condition is the wrong term in this case. And mybe I am just talking out of my a**. :wink:

I see. I looked at the “gun” in the screenshot and didn’t see anything other than the glowing parts. So I thought that might be what you meant as a joke. I haven’t seen any component labels outside the binocular view, myself.

@pegnose I actually responded to Flick, not to you :wink:

However, there seem to be several (possibly) timing or state issues in the game so you may be right. Although it really can be anything. If I have learned one thing then it is that weird behaviour can be the result of something quite unrelated and/or something really stupid. Often something really unimaginably basic or idiotically n00b too, like running a pointer one memory address to far.

Ah, what I meant was the label for submachine gun points to the runner’s elbow. So does its fuel cell. Often I see the component labels pointing to random parts of the machine. It would be a great feature if someone hadn’t described the layouts over a crackly phone line.

I obviously need to pay more attention. :wink:

(hi fellow coder over there! wave)

This issue with misaligned tech labels seems to be similar to the map coordinate thing: I bet that initially they are ok. But I know that they gradually change location when you pan the binoculars around.

Now I get it … I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. :grimacing:

Although … I hardly ever look at those labels anymore (and already didn’t too much to begin with). I mainly use tech view to quickly see the overall health and to determine the class (if it’s dark).

By now, I have a pretty good idea of the weak spots and I also (usually) recognise the weapon type on the machines through the weapon scope already.

Besides, the infrared modulator on a scope pretty much shows you exactly where the weak spots are, so when you manage to get one of those, tech view is not so useful anymore. IMHO, of course. :wink:

:metal: :slight_smile:

I hope you take better care of your (physical and mental) health than I did. Otherwise you risk becoming an ex-coder rather suddenly, just like me … :grimacing:

I agree about the IR. I finished the game before I finished getting the blueprints, and only recently noticed they add to the scene and cannon and all that. It’s really neat! … and completely wrong.

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In what sense?

@Voodoo: I try to do my best. Working out is a part of my life, and I try to not overdo it. Not that easy as a perfectionist though. :wink:

wrong in the sense that runners don’t have guns on their elbows and the tanks don’t have loads of leg armour all over their face.

Right, that kind of wrong.

EDIT: Let’s hope they fix the off-ness of the info like they are trying to fix the map coordinates (which are not fixed, btw). Not for me on ultra-wide at least. Btw, seems like the same to me: improper pixel coordinates scaling.

And let’s hope they push the “organs” part of the fix with the hot-fix for the DLC mission not popping.

Well, the glowing outline seems to have been fixed. But only the outline … :grimacing:

I know … that’s what screwed me over, big time! Especially when “transcending to programmers heaven” where “the magic bit stream” takes over …

Working out is just one of the two parts of health. And it’s not that great if you stare at a wall on a treadmill. Go outside and make your brain happy! :wink: