Binoculars/gas mask ideas

  1. I would like the binoculars to be a permanent item once you pick it up, like the flashlight is. It would only free up one inventory space but you wouldn’t have to keep moving it in and out of the equip bar. They could make a separate box in the inventory screen for it so you could add or remove vision mods and a different key to press to toggle it.
  2. I think the current issue with the gas mask not offering much or possibly any protection is connected to the same issue as other clothing stats being meaningless. They should change the gas mask to an equipment item instead of a fashion accessory. That might help fix the issue. And maybe do the same thing with it as I suggested for binoculars so they dont have to take up inventory space.

YES , i agree %1000 , hope this is seen and they make this change.
like if you agree people.

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The gas mask “filters” out the gas when your at 20% HP. Then you can infinitely roam it. So there is really no point to say that it protects you.
I agree with binoculars not being in the inventory like the flashlight


Very great idea for the binoculars. I don’t have any for the sole reason that I need the inventory slot for more important items/ammunition. I have the skills that help give details about robots when you look at them through the binoculars, but it just isn’t worth the inventory slot :slight_smile:


Same here i need the space i would only use them on characters with hacking perk , i use scopes attached to the guns for distance viewing , binocular’s get dropped , i wonder if dropping a bag everytime i get them, affects the game ? (lagg ) , i can easily dropp 50+ bags just with binocular’s in them per session , anyhow looking forward to playing the june update , aye bring it on


I think that only happens when you have the chemist skill. I havent purchased that one